Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster (Without Getting Scammed)

Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster (Without Getting Scammed)
Paying Off Your Mortgage Faster
The online world is rife with advice (including the “weird tricks” you find in your email inbox) on paying off your mortgage faster.  In fact, there are only two ways that really work: you can either make extra payments, or you can refinance your mortgage into one with a shorter term and/or lower rate.  This page provides background articles on available options (see below), and links to the pages on the site where you can begin to take action.

Is Making Extra Mortgage Payments Better Than Refinancing?
This article explains how the refinance and the extra payment decisions are related, and how to deal with situations where both are live options. Read Article

How to Pay Off a 30 year Mortgage in 15 years Without Being Scammed
This article shows how to develop an extra payment plan that will shorten the term of a 30-year loan to 15 years, more or less. Read Article

Borrowers Thinking About Paying Down Their Loan Balance Should Know How Mortgage Amortization Works
This article explains how the essentials of amortization, and why in today's market it is a good idea to speed up the process - if they can. Read Article

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