Shopping for a Mortgage

Shopping for a Mortgage
Can Borrowers Use the CFPB’s Loan Estimate Disclosure to Shop For the Best Deal?
Introducing the Quick Mortgage Shopper (QMS)
Distinguishing Mortgage Shopping Sites From Gotcha Sites: Which Is Bankrate?
Have Mortgage Loan Officers Become More Trustworthy?
Recent Questions About Mortgage Shopping In My Mailbox
Choosing the Best Type of Mortgage
Mortgage Shopping at Multi-Lender Web Sites -- What to Look For
What Mistakes Do Mortgage Shoppers Make?
Web Site Features Home Buyers Should Look For
What Is Live Mortgage Pricing?
Selecting the Type of Mortgage That Best Meets Your Needs
Does the New CFPB Rate Tool Help Consumers Shop For a Mortgage?
Why Do Some Borrowers Pay a Higher Mortgage Interest Rate Than Others?
Finding a Mortgage on the Professor's Certified Lender Network
Changing the Way Home Mortgages Are Originated: The Certified Lender Network
Second of a Series on CLNs: Providing Competitive Loan Pricing
Third of a Series on CLNs: Providing Competitive Pricing of Third Party Services
Fourth of a Series on Certified Lender Networks: Providing Decision Support
Last of a Series on Certified Lender Network: The Need For Multiple Paths
Shopping For a Mortgage Compared to Shopping For an Automobile
Can Mortgage Borrowers Make Better Decisions?
Pricing Mortgages On-Line in Order to Shop Off-Line
How Many Lenders Should I Shop?
Saving Money on Your Mortgage in 2013: Getting the Best Deal on a New Mortgage
Does it Pay to Shop for a Mortgage?
What Is the "Price" of a Mortgage?
What Mortgage Market Niche Are You In?
Can a Mortgage Expert Assess Your Deal?
Can I Avoid Mortgage Prices That Have Lapsed?
Can I Rely on Mortgage Price Quotes?
Which Mortgage Referrals Can You Trust?
Can Shopping For a Mortgage Hurt Your Credit?
Is it OK to Submit Two Mortgage Applications?
How Do You Avoid Mortgage Predators?
The Worst Mistake of Mortgage Borrowers
Complicated Deals Can Distract You From What Is Important
Lies Mortgage Shoppers Hear
What Is a Mortgage "Overage?"
Time in House Affects Which Decisions?
Changing the Loan After You Lock
How to Shop For a Mortgage
What Should I Do With Mortgage Spam?
Are Mortgage Prices Negotiable?
Who Gets the Lowest Mortgage Price?
Why Is It Easier to Shop a Refinance Than a Purchase?
How to Avoid Mortgage Overcharges
Beat the GFE: A Viable Shopping Strategy?
Quick Tips on Major Hazards
Mortgage Leads: Are You One?
Shopping For Service Quality in Loan Providers
Do Mortgage Borrowers Have Bargaining Power?
Shopping For a Jumbo Mortgage in a Distressed Market
Mortgage Shopping Tips For Borrowers In a Hurry
Shrewd Mortgage Borrowers Know Their PNPs
Mistakes That Borrowers Make: Causes and Cures
The New GFE Will Help Borrowers
Overcoming Payment Myopia
Responding to Solicitations From Mortgage Lenders Is a Bad Idea
Navigating the Mortgage Charge Minefield: Identifying Shopable Charges
Navigating the Mortgage Charge Minefield: Identifying Non-Shopable Charges
Are Borrowers a Reliable Source of Lender Referrals?
Why Your Mortgage May Cost More Than You Expected
Why Your Mortgage May Cost More Than You Expected (2)
Rental Income No Help to Home Buyers
Why Doesn't Competition in the Home Mortgage Market Provide the Benefits 
    Expected From Competition?
Saving Money on Your Mortgage in 2013: (2) Getting the Best Deal on a New Mortgage
Navigating the Mortgage Pricing Maze
When Banks Compete, You Win -- Except When You Lose
Smart Mortgage Shoppers Understand Mortgage Pricing
Are Other Consumers a Reliable Source of Mortgage Referrals?
What to Look For In a Mortgage Loan Officer

When Mortgage Borrowers Need an Ombudsman
The Easy Way and the Hard Way to Get a Mortgage: The Hard Way Is Better
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