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You can instruct the lender to purchase title insurance from the insurer of your choice. The title insurance premiums shown below are from Boston National, a leading carrier. You can compare those premiums with those charged by the insurer selected by your lender, or by others.

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Loan Amount: This is the amount you borrow and are obliged to repay. It includes any cash you are taking out of the transaction, and any settlement costs that you elect to finance rather than pay in cash at closing. On a refinance, it also includes interest on the old loan from the last day of the previous month to the day the proceeds of the new loan are used to pay off the old loan balance.
Loan Purpose: A refinance is cash-out if a) you draw cash from the transaction in an amount exceeding the settlement costs plus the lesser of $2,000 or 2% of the new loan amount; or b) The old loan being repaid was taken out less than 12 months ago and was either a cash-out refinance or a second mortgage that was taken out after you purchased the home; or c) The old loan being repaid is a HELOC on which you have drawn in the period since your home purchase.
Property State: The state where the property is located.
Property Zip Code: The zip code where the property is located.
Property County: The county where the property is located.
Occupancy Type: Your primary residence is where you live most of the time, and where you are registered to vote. A second home is one that is not your primary residence. An investment property is one that is used to generate rental income.
FICO Score: A measure of your creditworthiness on the FICO scale, which ranges from 350 to 850. If you don’t know your current score, you can find it by clicking here.