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Saving for retirement, but not enough? The Professor’s Retirement Saver may help Overcome Your Procrastination
In or near retirement? The Professor's Retirement Funds Integrator™ might enhance your life during retirement.
Professor. Author. Advocate.
Jack M.Guttentag is Professor of Finance Emeritus at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Throughout his career, Professor Guttentag has been concerned with the difficulties faced by consumers in financial markets arising from complexity and inexperience. He tackled these challenges first in connection with home mortgages, then with reverse mortgages, and here with retirement planning – the most challenging of all!
His Retirement Funds Integrator (RFI), developed with Allan Redstone, enhances retirement plans by consolidating components that are otherwise offered as stand-alones, by assuring competitive prices, and by simplifying the decision process for retirees without any sacrifice in rigor.
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